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Best Pizza in Corpus Christi!

Padre Pizzeria mid-day on a Friday
Padre Pizzeria mid-day on a Friday

All right, admittedly it’s hard to claim any pizza is the best pizza. There’s just too much good pizza out there, but there is one place down here in Corpus Christi I personally choose to visit whenever I crave cheesy pepperoni goodness, and that’s Padre Pizzeria.

It’s located on Padre Island, just off of Park Road 22, which comes straight off of the John F Kennedy Memorial Causeway. It’s certainly one of the more touristy parts of town as it’s so close to the beach. There are actually a number of popular dining locations in this area, like Doc’s Seafood or Snoopy’s Pier. There’s also a mini golf place just down the street and in the opposite direction you’ll find a beach wear store with a giant shark mouth as its entrance. So if you’re looking for the secret dining spot in a back alleyway that only a dozen people are aware of, this isn’t your choice. But the pizza is pretty good and I like it being so close to the beach.

As for the eating experience, it’s superb! The staff are generally pretty nice and easy going. There’s a bar area right at the entrance and a classic pizzeria setup with tables and chairs out in the main area and a couple televisions with whatever they decided to put on that day. Once you’ve placed an order, they’ll give you a plate of tasty breadsticks as you wait and your choice of drink. In terms of menu options, it’s pretty straight forward: pizza, calzones, subs, and salad options for you vegetable lovers out there. Personally, I tend to get a large pepperoni pizza and it never disappoints.

The only real downside is that they can get a pretty heavy dinner rush. The front might be packed with people waiting for a seat if you arrive at seven on a Saturday night, so I’d plan to arrive earlier than usual or later than usual. They close at nine on weekdays, ten on weekends, and are closed Sundays.

If you’re in Corpus Christi and are looking for a great pizza joint on the way to the beach, perhaps even the National Seashore, which is just twenty minutes down that exact road, I’d highly recommend Padre Pizzeria. Get directions here!


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