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Fall in Love with Your Business this Month

February is the month of love, and it does not mean just express love to other people. Sometimes we neglect our business or partnership with other business owners when it deserves love and attention. Many times I get overworked doing work, that I don't appreciate the growth and value of my business. So how can you fall more in love with your business this month?

Currently, it is just me, myself and I running MRM Agency and it's hard to express appreciation towards a "thing". Many may be in the same boat as me of having no employees. One thing I do a lot is see how far along I have progressed. Yes, you may have to dig a little bit, but look at the first image, video, post that you made on your business page. You may be disgusted, embarrassed or all of the above seeing that. Compare it to your work today, and it will look nothing like you would be creating now. Doing this personally reminds me how much skill I invested in myself to get better.

If you are more progressed and have a few employees or volunteers simply take them out for lunch or dinner. One company I shoot for actually tries to do this every month, and it makes me feel extremely special. Doing this allows your employees feel appreciated and wanted at the company. It is also a great time to get everyone together outside the work environment and talk about real life.

Some companies I have worked with are non-profits and don't have the funds to take their volunteers out for a nice dinner. Show some love by volunteering at one of your volunteer's favorite charities. Not only are you giving back to the community, but you are listening to the people that are working hard at your business.

These tasks are super easy and can be achieved by literally any business owner. What are some ways you are going to or already showing love to your company? Share with us below in the comments!



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