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Post Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

Engagement. No I am not talking about when someone is proposed to, but this is a digital marketing term to measure the amount of involvement one would say on a post.

A majority of posts made on your social media should focus on engaging with your followers or potential followers. Start looking at your post if you don't already of how you engage with a post. A photo or video catches your eye and you read the article. After that you tag your friends or even share it on your personal page. That my friends is engagement.

There are many secrets marketers have for you to have the best engagement on your social media, and to boost your online sales. Keep scrolling to learn some ideas to boost engagement on your social media.

Hone in on Trending Topics

A majority of digital marketing experts can agree the algorithm on social media is a beast. One way to beat this, is start talking about trending topics. This will allow you to not only stay on top of what is happening, but have an understanding of what everyone is posting about.

Follow along with people in your industry to also see what they are posting about. During football games, I have Tweet Deck up following the team's hashtags and seeing what other reporters are posting about. This will give me ideas of what to post about for the next game of what to prepare for the game. Now I am not saying to start talking about everything in the news because it may not align with your brand or business. With creating good trending content, you will align well with the algorithm.

Brand Your Graphics

Nothing makes your brand look more random then posting random graphics. This can be easily done by re creating quotes, memes or states you find that align with your brand or business. There are many easy and simple apps to do this on!

Now that you have the idea, you are probably questioning what exactly makes a branded graphics unique to you. Make sure the graphic are your colors. This will keep a rhythm with your profiles and more recognizable with your followers. Make sure your logo or brand name is somewhere on the graphic. Doing this will maximize your reach and and when your followers share your content with others.

Ask Your Followers Questions

More people are enticed to answer questions when they love the hopefully they already love yours! This technique is call-to-action. You are asking people to do something if it's share on their profile, tag their friends who can relate or simply asking them a question.

With the hopes of people commenting on your posts, this essentially starts a conversation. Not only that, but you are over coming the algorithm and your content will be pushed up on the feed allowing more people to see it.

Create how-to Videos

An easy and fun way to engage with your followers is by creating an enticing video of what you do. Today's time is the best to create video. You probably didn't know with Facebook alone, video content is earning up to 8 billion views around the world DAILY. Recently, I have seen many videos for Halloween decor to make at home or flower arrangements to make a room in your house more vibrant.

When making a video, make sure it is quick and snappy. No one wants to sit and watch a 10 minute video on an "easy craft". Another way to engage followers is adding captions. This can easily be done on Facebook by adding auto captions while uploading the video. For other platforms, you may have to edit the video to put captions on it.

Book a consultation to learn more!

Yes there are a ton of ideas out there to boost engagement on your social media. I would love to share these with you during a free 1-hour consultation. Head over to our contact page to set one up. Also comment down below something new you learned and share with your friends!



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