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Make your Instagram SEO Friendly

This is probably something that is not thought about, but is your Instagram optimized for searches? Yes, SEO is not just for blogs. With a SEO Instagram account, more ideal followers will be attracted to your account. Also it will take you less than 10-minutes to apply these techniques.

Have a searchable username

When users are searching, the first thing they see if what your username is and that is how your account is first judged.

Whatever is the keyword of your business or what you do, make sure it is in your username. Such as if you are a marketer, have the word “marketing” in your username.

Add keywords to display name

Maybe your keyword is already taken for the username, no worries! You can easily add it to your display name, which will show up, in your bio. I have mine as an example. It explains what I do and I go further is mentioning my niches.

A display name is the most important place to put an important keyword.

Secondary keywords are necessary

Before you get started on editing your bio, think more on what other keywords you can include. Here is my business profile to go more in depth of what services I provide and what interests me.

Once you find what keywords you want to use, make sure your bio still reads well and give users an idea of what you are all about.

Research hashtags

Hashtags are the best keywords any Instagram user can use. The words you use to hashtag is now people that are not following you find you.

I create groups for specific topics I post about. It makes sense I use marketing keywords for some posts, but maybe not when I post about skin care. By having specific hashtags for certain posts, you are narrowing down to how people can find you and you aren’t wasting hashtags on irrelevant posts.

Use alt text for your Instagram posts

Yes this is a thing I am pretty sure I have never used before today. This is a secret that will boost your SEO, which I don’t think I have seen any of my marketing friends do this. Apparently if the alt text is not used, Instagram will do it automatically which could hurt your possibly help your SEO.

How to edit your alt text:

  • Before you post, click on the advanced settings tab at the bottom

  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on “write your alt text”

  • Add your image description, save it and then share your image

For the love of Instagram Gods, don’t buy followers

Google is cracking down on their users cheating the system and Instagram is right behind them. If caught, the platform can shadowban you which means you can’t comment or like posts for a time period.

Here are ways to avoid common Instagram black hat SEO techniques:

  • Don’t use bots to comments on posts or like them

  • Don’t’ buy followers

  • Change up the hashtags you use for each post

  • Don’t go on a follow spree

Organic and real engagement is exactly what you want and need to get attention from the right people. Think about it, if you have 21K followers who are not real, what’s the point if none of them are going to buy the products or services you are offering.

You could have been smart and use that money on bots for ad campaigns which will grow your sales.

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