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MLS Teams Up with TikTok in New Sponsorship Deal

TikTok, the popular social media platform, has signed a new sponsorship agreement with Major League Soccer (MLS). This partnership will enable MLS to leverage TikTok's massive user base to engage with younger audiences and promote its brand.

“As an ‘Official Partner’ of MLS, TikTok will be integrated into every MLS game throughout the season through various in-stadium branding, TikTok & MLS content across stadium videoboards, and more. TikTok is also the co-presenting sponsor of eMLS Cup, the League’s esports tournament. We’re excited to continue spotlighting TikTok as a place where the sports and gaming community intersect, while providing quality entertainment for all.”

TikTok has become an increasingly important marketing platform for brands seeking to connect with Gen Z and millennial audiences, and this partnership with MLS is just the latest example of its growing influence in the sports world.

“Over the course of the partnership, TikTok and MLS will launch a new Club Creator Network, where TikTok creators will be paired with MLS Clubs to create exciting content during the regular season and off-season. Creators and MLS Clubs will work together to enhance the fan experience by offering unique access to their favorite MLS players and behind-the-scenes moments that can only be found on TikTok.”



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