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Preparing for Senior/Graduation Photo Shoot

Graduating from school is a huge accomplishment that needs to be remembered. It is also a time that may only happen a few times. Photo shoots to document this time is important and you may be loss of where to start. Lucky you, I have photographed hundreds of graduation shoots. Here is my guide in how to prepare for your senior session.

Search for your photographer early

April until about June is when portrait photographers are BUSY! The weather is nice out, so people are going to want photos taken. I personally have seniors book me early March and then I am booked solid when May rolls around.

Confirm location and time of shoot

These are your photos and should meaningful to you. A majority of my shoots are for college graduates, so it is a given to photograph on their campus. For other schools, downtown in your town or an open field are great locations. When booking, make sure to select a time early in the morning or late evening to make sure you have perfect lighting. After 10am and until about 4pm, bad shadows can be casted onto your face which is not a good look.

Get outfits together the sooner the better

Photographers can easily book all of their time for senior shoots and may not have wiggle room for reschedules. Even today I got a message for a reschedule because her dresses may not arrive in time. Thankfully it is early on in graduation photo season so I am not as booked. If I were asked to reschedule in the middle of May, that may not be a possibility. Make sure outfits are purchased the same time or before you book your session.

Props are always a plus for sessions

Having a prop with your session is perfect to show off your personality. This could be a football, your dog, champagne (which is my favorite) or confetti. Keep in mind the mess or assistance you may need with props. Your hands will get full with a dog or a football, so feel free to bring a friend or parent. Champagne will always be messy to I suggest to pop it off at the end to make sure it doesn't ruin your outfit. Confetti can be a tricky prop to use. Make sure to get confetti that is more string than dots so it will be seen in photos. Also make sure the confetti is cleaned you use string confetti it will be easier to clean up FYI.

I can easily go on with how to prepare for your graduation photo session. If you have one booked and have questions, please leave them in the comments and I will answer them for you. If you would like to book your graduation photo session with me, you can book here.


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