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Productive Tasks to do at Home

You have landed on this post for a are probably bored out of your mind at home. Maybe you are off work right now, kids are out of school still, or you simply work at home.

So here are very simple and productive things that you can do in the comfort of your home that will make you feel just a little bit more accomplished after!

Watch a Documentary

You can also choose to watch a TED Talk or find a new podcast that sparks your interest. Netflix is filled with tons of documentaries you probably would have never known about.

Get Outside

This can be a simple walk in your neighborhood, play with your dog in the backyard or simply running errands. Don't feel cooped up all day and get out!

Make a Vision Board

This has been a goal of mine since New Years Day and been slacking just a tad. This not only can add a little of decor to your office or room, but can keep you motivated! Maybe if you're not crafty, Pinterest is also a great place to do this.

Create a Gratitude List

During these difficult times, we usually focus on the bad things and don't look at the good. Make a list of things that you are grateful for or what makes you happy.

Stay Hydrated

I honestly don't focus on this enough...pretty sure I have had three Dr. Pepper's today. Yet, I am working more of always having water with me and only drink that during the day.

Eat Healthy

Again, I am not the best as I just had a pizza for dinner. I am also the worst at stress eating, so if you too are like this, have healthy snacks that are easy to grab and get back to work.

Work on Photography Skills

I work on this everyday *hence content creator*, but I still expand my skills! Everyone has access to some sort of camera and this can be a huge essential to become more creative.

Rest for Just a Bit

It can be exhausting working non-stop and maybe you have no interaction with people. It is okay to take a quick nap to feel re-energized.



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