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Tips to Creating a Website

Starting a small business may or may not be easy for you, but having a solid good website is key to a successful business. With a website, you will be able to connect with potential clients and this is where you can home all the work you have done.

I love making websites and I am the first to say it can be overwhelming when you start to build your website. Yet, you don't have to make it a hassle and have everything up right when you are making the site. The platform I use is so simple and easy to work with and is free based on what you are wanting.

Tell Your Story

If you are wanting to connect with potential clients, you need to put yourself out there so they can relate to you. I do want to note when I say tell you story, I don't mean your life story such as where you went to high school and what your dog's name is.

  • What do you do

  • How do you do it

  • Why do you do it

When you focus on your brand, you are essentially telling your story to potential clients. Yet, feel free to sprinkle in some personal information so people could relate more to you.

You should share you story on your about page and home page. On my home page I give a glimpse at what I do and then on my about page is where I dive in more about my what, how, and why. My all time favorite blogger/marketer/ fellow Beautycounter consultant Jenna Kutcher has a perfect example of a home page!

Choose the right color scheme

I actually chose my color scheme as maroon and red in honor of my alma maters (SMU and Texas A&M). My focus is mainly on sports so that is why I don't have a more feminine look for my website, but it may change to focus on everything I do. Don't be afraid to branch out to color palettes that you don't think you would have ever used.

A lot of times, feminine colors are thought to be frilly pink and purple, and that is sometimes not the case. Think of simple colors that truly compliment each other. Set one bold color for your website and add in minimal colors that look good all together.

Navigating your website

This is key to possibly getting a client through your sales funnel. Having a good flow to your website is another key to a successful business. Personally this is something I focus on because I want my page visitors to have an easy and fun experience while on the page.

Time is also now super precious to people, so make it easy to access your website. This also includes the amount of time is takes for your site to load when someone hops on it. These are little things that are easy to fix and I am open to help!

Keep is simple and consistent

Each element or factor that is on your website should compliment each other and makes sense for all the elements to be there. You don't want something on your website that doesn't make sense or confuse your page visitors. When you add images, videos or text, make sure they help tell the story you are conveying.

Time to get started

Now that you have a solid base and understanding, it's time to get started creating your website! If you get stuck, take a moment or two to surf the web for some inspiration. It takes time to build a website and you’ll probably continue to tweak it here and there as time goes on. The important thing is having a professional website to sell your services to potential clients.

Good luck!



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