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Trends to Effectively Grow Your Newsletter

With every newsletter, there is a strategy behind the signup form. Newsletters are a great way to communicate with clients and inform them about upcoming specials. Yet, in my own inbox, I have a ton of newsletters on sales, specials and how my car dealership will pause my monthly payment. So with a ton of competition, how can you stand out from everyone else to get people to sign up for your newsletter?

The answer is through a strategic signup form! With a concept, design, and a thoughtful approach, you can create an irresistible sign up form that will encourage many to sign up.

Read on for newsletter sign up ideas you can use to inspire your own marketing ideas.

Make a Free Giveaway

What is something unique you offer? Maybe you are able to offer a discount on their first purchase or give away a free Ebook. Whatever you decide on, design your newsletter signup form to promote that special in an exciting way. Give a brief look at what the new customer may be given. This could be the front cover of the Ebook or what they are getting a discount on. Make it look professional-looking to reinforce the idea of professionalism.

Discounts are a great way to encourage people to opt in to your newsletter. These are people that are already interested in purchasing from you anyways!

Be Minimal

Being minimal is a current trend in the design world and I don't think it is going away any time soon. Minimalism does not mean bare and boring design, but has the right amount of element that does the job with ease. Put a limit on the fonts, color and graphics to just one or two. Make sure the focus is on the function of the design.

Good simple signup forms are straightforward and the overall design makes the signing up quick and easy. If you have something that is outrageous, consider going back to the drawing board with it. It could possibly make the form look beautiful, but also help to refocus your design to not be so overwhelming.

Location, Location, Location

Real estate and design share the same factor which is location. This first starts when you begin the design process of your webpage. Take the time when deciding where to place your signup form. The ideal placement would be where the eye will natural pick it up and it's easy to locate.

Some successful places to put your sign up form are towards the top of your page, the very bottom or within the sidebar.

Place Some Designs or Graphics in the Form

You can simply stick with text, but using images can grasps the readers' attention even more. Doing this could give a flair to what you are offering and encourage customers to opt in to the newsletter.

A simple graphic could be your logo to break up the text in the form. If you are selling a product, you can easily use an image of that product to give the customer a little sneak peek of what they could receive when they sign up.

Make a Powerful Call to Action

A call to action is a text that is created to encourage clicks and excitement. Make sure you have a powerful and striking call to action that will grasp the attention of customers and encourage people to give you their info right away.

Now it's your turn!

Creating a signup form does not seem glamorous, but it is a huge essential to your business. With time and careful thinking, your signup form will go from boring to brilliant! Whether you choose to be bold, witty, product base, or a mix of these, keep working on your design until all parts feel equal.



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