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Wayfair is partnering with Pinterest for the next stage of their data clean rooms trial

Pinterest is partnering with LiveRamp to launch the next stage of its data clean room trial. Retailer Wayfair will be the first to use the new process. The clean rooms partnership was announced in January to counter the loss of insights due to privacy measures like Apple's iOS 14 update.

Data clean rooms are designed to ensure that data used in targeting and analytics remains private and secure, preventing access by third parties. This enables comparable audience targeting to what brands are used to within social apps. Wayfair will be the first to test this new process, allowing them to gain insights into customer actions in a privacy-safe manner.

“In this clean room pilot, Wayfair will get aggregated insight into performance of their ads on Pinterest, with LiveRamp’s privacy-centric data collaboration platform ensuring neither party has access to the other party’s identifiable customer data. Pinterest completed an integration with LiveRamp earlier this year that unlocks advanced analytics with configurable permissions and privacy controls for secure data collaboration.”

Combining customer lists and Pinterest data can improve Pin targeting and enable advanced segmentation. Brands that use multiple data sources instead of a single one are seeing better results. Utilizing interest-based targeting and first-party customer lists can lead to significantly improved performance. Pinterest recommends combining data points for better results.

In the digital marketing sector, data loss has become a significant issue in recent years. Platforms are working to find solutions that can increase insights and engagement rates. One potential solution is the use of clean rooms. It will be interesting to see how this integration benefits marketers on Pinterest.



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