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YouTube has launched a new cross-promotion program and has invited Shorts to participate

YouTube has launched a new initiative called #ShortsFriends, which allows Shorts creators to promote each other through reciprocal sharing within the app. This can help increase exposure for short videos on YouTube.

YouTube is offering help to Shorts creators by connecting them through a dedicated Shorts Community, providing opportunities for cross-promotion and engagement. If approved, creators will have access to a wider network of partners to promote related content.

“Our YouTube Shorts Creator Community is nothing without our wonderful network of creators. We are able to cultivate and connect creators much in part to working collaboratively with them to build the community together. Many of the rising stars in our Shorts Community come from referrals from fellow Shorts creators.”

YouTube is working on creating networks of related Shorts creators to improve its algorithm's ability to sort and filter Shorts uploads to the appropriate audiences on the app. This could be a beneficial way to increase your Shorts presence and receive more views from individuals who are interested in your content. As a result, building your community and expanding your YouTube efforts may become more achievable.

Encouraging successful content creators to mentor and support up-and-coming creators is a valuable way to help them gain more traction on the Shorts app. This can create a positive cycle of growth and community within the platform.

YouTube Shorts is a short-form content feature that has become the platform's biggest growth element, driving billions of views on the app. Taking advantage of this feature can be an excellent opportunity to fast-track your channel growth if you can reach the right audience. You can apply here to join YouTube's Shorts Creator Community program to gain more exposure for your content.



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