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Instagram API updated to include Creator Accounts and User Tagging in Reels

Meta is giving third-party platforms more options through the Instagram API, allowing them to offer expanded posting capabilities. This includes content publishing for Creator accounts and the ability to tag users and rename original audio in Reels. These features will make it simpler to manage content from a single location.

“The user tagging feature will enable developers to allow users to tag one or more users during the Reels publishing process via the IG Content Publishing API. This feature works the same way as in Instagram’s first-party interfaces. Tagged users will see the Reel published in their tagged tab on their profile and receive a notification. The ‘Original Audio’ rename feature will enable developers to allow users to change the default ‘Original Audio’ name for any original audio they own when creating a Reel via the Instagram Reels API.”

Meta has added new features to manage Reels content through third-party apps, based on requests from integration partners. In addition, the daily media post limit per account has been increased from 25 to 50 across all media types.

The new update to the Instagram API will increase its capacity for posting updates and provide more flexibility. This will make managing your Instagram presence through an external dashboard easier and enhance management options. Additionally, you'll have access to custom stats and insights through the tools you use.

Developers will need some time to integrate the new functionalities, but they will likely be available on social management apps soon. For more information, you can read about the latest Instagram developer updates here.



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