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Lastest Dose of Social Media News

The key to getting the most out of social media is to know how to use new features correctly. Here's a round up of new items with LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Tik Tok.

New visual display elements to LinkedIn profiles

Your LinkedIn profile is getting a makeover with new visual elements. If you’re displaying images, videos, newsletters, or articles, the activity section will be me eye appealing.

With the shift from text-based communication to visual-based communication happening across every social media platform, this update was very needed.

Pinterest started testing Premier Spotlight Ads

Pinterest have started an alpha test with new advertising products that gives brands a more exclusive position to advertise. The Premier Spotlight ad placement will position brand’s ads at the top of the screen on the Pinterest search page.

Premier Spotlight allows brands to have prime real-estate positioning on Pinterest for 24 hours. This allows brands to reach new audiences.

Brands could set up ads to be back-to-back to hold the top advertising spot for longer than 24 hours. The new ad format will feature Pinterest’s video format. There will be an option where shoppers are taken to the brand’s website directly through the Pinterest app.

Instagram Rolls out Broadcast Channels

A new broadcast chat feature gives creators and brands an opportunity to share images and messages with their followers on Instagram. What exactly is broadcast channels? They are a public, one-to-many messaging tool to allow brands and creators to connect with their followers. What makes channels different is followers can read and react to messages but they won’t be able to reply.

Once you're able to add broadcast channels to your profile, you can create your own by heading to your Instagram inbox. After you send your first channel message, your followers will receive a notification to join.

New ‘Sounds for Business’ audio options for brands on Tik Tok

TikTok business accounts have been limited with some audios not being commercially cleared for use. TikTok’s is rolling out with new Sounds for Business tool which hosts a collection of free-to-use audios to go along with videos.

TikTok partnered with Elias Audio Branding, a subsidiary of Universal Production Music to create a collection of custom audio to make creating content even easier.

This will include a mix of music, voice-overs, and other directional sound cues. Brands are allowed to use these sounds in organic and paid content to engage with new audiences, showcase products, and more.

These sounds are already cleared for commercial use on TikTok so brands don’t have to go through a complicated process of licensing to use the sounds.

Want assistance to manage all these new features for your business? Set up a consult with us today to see how we can help you.



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